How to ride Kintetsu Railway

Train types

Limited Express trains

Kintetsu Limited Express trains take you to sightseeing areas from major cities comfortably and conveniently. To travel to sightseeing areas such as Kyoto, Nara, and Ise-Shima from major cities like Osaka and Nagoya, all reserved-seat Kintetsu Limited Express trains provide a convenient means of arriving at your destination quickly and comfortably.
To use a Limited Express train, you will need a Limited Express ticket in addition to a regular ticket.

Other Kintetsu trains

There are various types of regular-ticket-only trains available such as express and local trains, depending on the number of stations at which they stop.

Railway Network Map

Train Type indications

The destination and type of train are indicated on the outside of each car. The color indicates the type of train.

  • Rapid express

    Rapid express

  • Suburban rapid express

    Suburban rapid express

  • Express


  • Suburban express

    Suburban express

  • Semi-express


  • Suburban semi-express

    Suburban semi-express

  • Local train

    Local train

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