Limited Express tickets

• All seats in a Limited Express train are reserved seats. There are no unreserved seats. To board a Limited Express train, be sure to purchase a Limited Express ticket in addition to a basic fare ticket.
• A Limited Express ticket is valid only for the designated train.
• The conductor may inspect your basic fare ticket. and Limited Express ticket during your journey.

How to purchase a Limited Express ticket

Purchase through the internet

Limited Express tickets can be purchased through the internet using a smartphone or a PC.
Click here to purchase e-ticket for Limited Express.

Purchase at a station

You can purchase Limited Express tickets in a major station by designating the following information at the ticket window marked with a LIMITED EXPRESS TICKETS sign or at an automatic Limited Express ticket machine.

  • •Departure date
  • •Train (Departure time at the station you get on the train or arrival time at the station you get off the train)
  • •Departure/Destination stations
  • •Number of passengers
  • •Smoking or Non-smoking
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How to change Limited Express trains and receive a refund for a Limited Express ticket

• You can change the Limited Express train designated for your reserved-seat Limited Express ticket only one time before the train’s departure. Contact our Limited Express ticket window. In this case, any outstanding fare is charged and any excess payments are refunded.
• For a Limited Express ticket, we will refund the fare minus a handling charge only before the departure time of the designated train.
• For a Limited Express ticket bought at a travel agency, please contact the travel agency at which you bought your ticket.
• Changes or refunds for Limited Express tickets that were purchased through the internet can only be made through the internet.

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How to read a Limited Express ticket

Upon buying your Limited Express ticket, please make sure that your Limited Express ticket is the right one.
If you have any questions about the indications on the ticket face, please ask a station employee about them.

Limited Express ticket
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Limited Express ticket with a basic fare ticket
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How to transfer Limited Express trains

• Some trains will not go directly to your destination and you will have to transfer from one train to another.
• If you travel by transferring from one Limited Express train to another and your connecting time at the transfer station is less than 30 minutes, a single Limited Express ticket will be issued for your entire journey.

Limited Express ticket with a transfer

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