Facilities offering free admission to “MAWARYANSE” holders

“MAWARYANSE” PASSPORT holders can gain free admission to 22 tourist facilities in the Matsusaka, Ise, Toba and Shima areas.
At the entrance of each tourist facility, present a “MAWARYANSE” PASSPORT and have it check-marked at each facility.
* Each passport holder can gain free admission to each facility only once. (When a passport holder is accompanied by a child younger than elementary school age, an admission fee may be required at some facilities.)
* Holidays, business hours, contents (exhibitions, events, etc.), admission fees, etc. are subject to change without notice. Contact each facility by phone, etc. in advance.
* Even if some facilities are closed, no refund is given.
* Some facilities treat junior high school students as children for admission; however, ISE-TOBA-SHIMA SUPER PASSPORT “MAWARYANSE” treats junior high school students and older as adults.

Matsusaka area
(1)Museum of Motoori Norinaga (2)Matsusaka Merchant Museum (3)History and Folklore Museum
(4)Cultural Assets Center (Haniwakan) (5)Saiku Historical Museum

Ise area
(6)O-ise-mairi Museum (7)Ise Kawasaki Shoninkan

Futami area
(8)Hinjitsukan (9)Ise-Azuchimomoyama-Bunkamura (free pass)

Toba area
(10)Toba Aquarium (11)MIKIMOTO PEARL ISLAND
(12)Toba Bay Cruise and Explore Dolphin Island (13)Makonde Art Museum

Shima area
(14)Shima Spain Village/PARQUE ESPAÑA (Passport)
(15)Ise-Shima Natural Hot Spring, Shima Spain Village "Himawari-no-Yu"
(16)Hotel Kintetsu Aquavilla Ise-Shima "Aquapalace"
(17)Hotel Kintetsu Aquavilla Ise-Shima "Tomoyama-no-yu, Hot Springs"
(18)Shima Marineland (19)Kashikojima España Cruise
(20)Ohyama Jade Museum (21)Shima Bell Museum