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KINTETSU RAIL PASS 1day, 2day (Osaka - Nara - Kyoto)


* Adult: age 12 or older; child: ages 6 to 11 * Child fares are applied to elementary-school children.

KINTETSU RAIL PASS 1day, 2day (Osaka - Nara - Kyoto)

Unlimited rides on the KINTETSU Railway and Nara Kotsu Bus Lines within designated zones
With guidance on using the pass and the Rail Pass Map attached, this pass is convenient for travel to Nara from Osaka and Kyoto!

Adult 1day Pass 1,500 yen Child: 750 yen 2day Pass 2,000 yen Child: 1,000 yen

On sale: March 1,2015(Heisei Era, 27th year)-September 30,2016(Heisei Era, 28th year) Availability: March 1,2015(Heisei Era, 27th year)-October 31, 2016(Heisei Era, 28th year) Validity: 1-Day Pass Valid for same day only 2-Day Pass Valid for two consecutive days

Unlimited travel on Kintetsu Railway and Nara Kotsu Bus Line within designated zones

Designated zones on Kintetsu Railway: ŌSAKA-NAMBA and KINTETSU-NARA, KYŌTO and TSUTSUI, NAGATA and IKOMA, and TORIIMAE and IKOMASANJŌ
Designated zones on Nara Kotsu Bus Line: Areas between Nara Park, Nishinokyo, and Horyuji Temple

【Special benefit】
* At BIC CAMERA stores, by showing this pass before payment pass holders can purchase products duty free and receive a 6% discount.
(Some exceptions may apply.)
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Designated zones for the pass

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How to ride Kintetsu Railway

Go through the automatic ticket gate.

How to pass through the gate[Automatic ticket gate]
  • (1)Insert the ticket into the slot of an automatic ticket gate.
  • (2)Your ticket will come out from the other end of the
    automatic ticket gate.
    Pick up your ticket and proceed through the gates.

* Note: The date of use will be printed onto the back of the ticket when you ride Kintetsu Railway for the first time. If the ticket does not have a date printed on the back, a crew or station attendant will stamp or write the date of use on the back of the card.

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How to Ride a Bus and Cable Car


Show the back of the ticket (printed with day of use) to the crew or station attendant.

How to ride Nara Kotsu Bus

How to ride the bus

There are two types of buses: one where you board from the front of the bus, and the other where you board from the back.

Front-boarding bus
For a front-boarding bus, show the back of your ticket (printed with the date) to the driver when you board the bus.
Back-boarding bus
For a back-boarding bus, pick up a boarding ticket when you board the bus, and show the back of your ticket (printed with the date) to the driver when you get off the bus.

How to get off the bus

Push the nearby stop button right before the bus stop where you wish to get off. The stop buttons are located near the seats and poles.


Stop button

Bus destination display

The bus destination is displayed at the front, back, and sides of the bus. Please check the bus number and its destination before boarding.


Please note:

* Refunds will only be provided for unused tickets within its period of validity at the location where the ticket was purchased. A handling fee will be charged at the time of refund.
* We cannot be held responsible for lost tickets. (Lost tickets will not be reissued.)
* You must purchase a separate Limited Express Ticket to ride a KINTETSU LIMITED EXPRESS train.
* You must purchase a separate ticket when traveling outside the zones designated by the Rail Pass.
* The tickets are handled in accordance to the terms and conditions of the relevant transportation system and to the laws of Japan.
* The ticket may only be used by the holder, and cannot be transferred to anyone else.

* Note: Information on this page is valid as of October 1,2015. Please note that contents may change without prior notice.

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