How to ride Kintetsu Railway

Buying your ticket

You need a ticket to take a Kintetsu train.

How to buy your ticket

Automatic ticket machine

You can buy your ticket using an automatic ticket machine near the ticket counter of the station. Please confirm your fare listed on the fare chart posted above the automatic ticket machines.

Steps in buying your ticket

On the touch-panel automatic ticket machine shown in the picture, press the “English” button in the upper right, and indications in English will appear.

  1. Insert bank notes and coins into their respective slots.
    (You can use ¥10,000 and ¥5,000 bank notes in some automatic ticket machines.)
  2. When buying a ticket for a child (children) or for 2 or more people, press the "Number of Tickets" button on the left outside the screen.
  3. Press the button for the “Fare” you confirmed in the fare chart.
  4. Receive your ticket(s) and your change.

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Going through a ticket gate

Automatic ticket gate

Insert your ticket into the slot of an automatic ticket gate.

Entering the platform area: Take your ticket when it comes out of the automatic ticket gate.
Leaving the platform area: A regular ticket will be collected by the ticket gate. Please go ahead when the gate opens.

Since special passes such as KINTETSU RAIL PASS are not collected, please take your pass.

Tickets that need to go through an automatic ticket gate (Tickets with a black or brown back)

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Changing a ticket and refunds


When you change the boarding section or route you are traveling after starting use of a reular ticket or Limited Express ticket, your fare or charge will be revised. Tell a station employee or the gconductor. You will be charged for any balance due, but if the revised fare is less than the original fare, you will not receive a refund.


For an unused and valid regular ticket, we will refund the fare minus a handling charge.
For a ticket bought at a travel agency, please contact the travel agency at which you bought your ticket.

* We cannot reissue a lost or stolen ticket. Please purchase a new ticket.

Limited Express ticket

To use a Limited Express train, you will need a Limited Express ticket in addition to a regular ticket.

  • All seats in a Limited Express train are reserved seats.To use a Limited Express train, you will need a Limited Express ticket in addition to a regular ticket.
  • Click here to purchase Limited Express tickets.

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