Ise-Shima area(Iseshi Sta. – Kashikojima Sta.), Yoshino area(Kashiharajingu-mae Sta. – Yoshino Sta.)

[ Description ]

 The price of an e-ticket for Limited Express trains operating in the Ise-Shima area (between Iseshi Sta. and Kashikojima Sta.) and the Yoshino area (between Kashiharajingu-mae Sta. and Yoshino Sta.) during the promotion period below is discounted to 320 yen for adults (regular price: 520 yen) and 160 yen for children (regular price: 260 yen) if you purchase the e-ticket from the “Reservation for Limited Express” page of our website.
* To board a Limited Express train, a basic fare ticket is required in addition to the e-ticket purchased through this service.
* An extra fee is required for Deluxe seats, etc.

[ Promotion period ]

 Monday, January 6, 2020 – Wednesday, December 30, 2020

[ Ticketing period ]

 Friday, December 6, 2019 – Wednesday, December 30, 2020
* The discount is applicable only to purchases made from the “Reservation for Limited Express” page of our website.

[ Available sections ]

 (1) Ise-Shima area (Iseshi Sta. – Kashikojima Sta.) (2) Yoshino area (Kashiharajingu-mae Sta. – Yoshino Sta.)
* The discount is not applicable to trains departing from and/or arriving at stations outside these areas.

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[ How to change a purchased discount e-ticket ]

●Please change your e-ticket online. You cannot change your e-ticket at a station or on a train.

●If you go beyond the destination appearing on the e-ticket, you will have to pay an extra Limited Express charge (without a discount).

[ Refund for a discount e-ticket ]

●A commission of 100 yen per person will be charged for a refund.

●Please carry out the refund procedure online. Refunds cannot be made at a station or on a train.

●E-tickets purchased with points cannot be refunded.

●If the train is cancelled due to an accident or any other reason, we will refund the entire Limited Express charge (including extra fees) to your credit card account with no commissions after confirming the operation status of the train. Please note that if you purchase a Limited Express ticket at a station, etc., the discount is not available.


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For FAQs on the "Reservation for Limited Express", click/tap here.