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Osama-Namba Osaka-Uehommach/Tsuruhashi - Kintetsu-Nagoya2019.1/7(月)〜9/30(月)

Until 9.30 Wed,2020

Buy a Limited Express ticket online up until the day before date of departure on a Limited Express train and ¥1,630(normally ¥1,930) Except [HINOTORI] Limited Expressインターネットで特急券をご購入いただくと前日までの購入で(通常1,900円)1,600円

ご購入金額のポイント10%還元 近鉄特急チケットレス会員なら160ptたまる! 乗車する特急を3回まで変更できる!

Campaign period

Tickets for Limited Express trains departing January 7 (Mon.),2019 to September 30 (Wed.), 2020.

Limited Express tickets go on sale one month before the day of departure of the relevant Limited Express train.

Applicable Limited Express section

Between Osaka-Namba, Osaka-Uehommachi or Tsuruhashi Station and Kintetsu-Nagoya Station

Not applicable to tickets for Limited Express trains departing from or arriving at a station other than those above.

Applicable service

Purchase online

Discount conditions and sale prices after discount

Purchase at least 1 day before the departure

Sale price(Limited Express charge)

Adult 1,930 yen → 1,630 yen (300 yen discount)

Child 970 yen → 820 yen (150 yen discount)

Purchase on the day of the departure before the departure time of the relevant train

Sale price(Limited Express charge)

Adult 1,930 yen → 1,830 yen (100 yen discount)

Child 970 yen → 920 yen (50 yen discount)

* To board a Limited Express train, a basic fare ticket is required in addition to a Limited Express ticket that you can purchase through this service. Please use an IC card, such as ICOCA, or purchase a basic fare ticket on a ticket machine, etc. before you depart.

Please be sure to read the following instructions before the purchase.

Discount conditions

The discount is applicable only for online purchase (payment).

Except [HINOTORI] Limited Express.

To use a Deluxe car, a prescribed extra fee for Deluxe car is additionally required.

You may also select [Online Value] to change non-discount ticketless Limited Express tickets to ticketless Limited Express tickets for the discount service period and section.

Change of discounted Limited Express tickets

Changes can be made online only. We cannot make changes to tickets purchased online at a station, etc.

If you go beyond the destination station written on the ticket, a prescribed Limited Express charge is additionally required.

Refund of discounted Limited Express tickets

Refund can be made online only. We cannot make changes to tickets purchased online at a station, etc.

If the relevant Limited Express train is cancelled due to an accident or other reason, the price paid is refunded at no charge at a later date. If you buy a Limited Express ticket separately at a station, etc., discounts are not applicable for the ticket.

Purchase Procedure

Service flow


Purchase e-tickets for Limited Express trains online (reserve seats for Limited Express trains)

・Select the Limited Express train and seat you would like to take.

・Enter your credit card and other information.

・Save or print your "e-ticket" shown on the screen after completing the purchase.



basic fare ticket

You can purchase it at
・travel agency etc


Board the Limited Express train for your purchased e-ticket.

Sit in the seat indicated on your e-ticket.

  1. Search for a Limited Express train you’d like to take.
  2. Select a seat you like.
  3. Select a discount, "Online Value".
  4. Enter passenger information.
    * Enter only your name, email address, and credit card information.
  5. Purchase a Limited Express ticket. (Complete payment.)

Purchase online for smoother train boarding!
Reservation for Limited Express!
The screen becomes a Limited Express ticket!
No need to line up for a ticket!

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