Aquarium where ocean sunfish swim - Shima Marineland

Encounter with the Wonders of Life

Shima Marineland is the aquarium where ocean sunfish swim, located in Kashikojima, Shima City in Mie.
Here you can meet several ocean sunfish or “carefree fish of the sea” swimming restfully.
Also popular are penguins numbering more than 50 from showing adorable gestures, and a feeding demonstration by an Ama diver who attracts and feeds schools of large fish in the aquarium.
Enjoy meeting highly interesting and diverse marine life!


  • Ocean Sunfish

    Ocean Sunfish

    Ocean sunfish inhabit the waters of temperate and tropical zones of the world and can grow as large as more than three meters in length and a few tons in weight.
    Because they swim leisurely with a humorous face and occasionally lie down on the surface of the sea as if sunbathing, the most popular fish at Marineland are called “carefree fish of the sea."

  • Penguins


    Right after passing through the ticket gate, you will be welcomed by cute penguins.
    You'll adore the way they swim, sleep and waddle.

  • Jellyfish


    The newly installed cylindrical aquaria show you an illuminated fantastic world under water.
    Jellyfish gently floating in the water will take you away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.
    Make sure you enjoy this healing space!

  • Ring-shaped Aquarium

    Ring-shaped Aquarium

    In the largest aquarium at Shima Marineland, some 2,500 fish of about 50 species, including sharks and yellowtail, swim freely.
    Awesome–that is the only word to describe them swimming, and you will never become tired of watching them.
    The Feeding Demonstration by Ama Diver is also conducted in this aquarium, in which an Ama diver in her actual diving costume feeds fish.

  • Freshwater Fish & Rare Species of Fish

    Freshwater Fish & Rare Species of Fish

    Exhibited in the corner are rare Japanese freshwater fish, including a stumpy bullhead, kissing loach and others designated as natural monuments, as well as familiar freshwater fish and goldfish.
    A new aquarium has also been installed to display an exhibit arranged in collaboration with a local fisheries high school.

  • Coral Reef Fish

    Coral Reef of Fish

    Fish commonly called tropical saltwater fish inhabiting warm waters are on exhibit.
    You'll enjoy watching these beautiful fish, including the popular orange anemonefish and flagtail surgeonfish as well as Caribbean endemic species and colorful members of the damselfish family.

Getting there

Direct access from Osaka, Kyoto or Nagoya without transfers


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723-1 Simmei, Agocho, Shima City, Mie 517-0502, Japan

Phone : 0599-43-1225 Fax : 0599-43-1224


9:00 a.m.~5:00 p.m.(Open every day)(Hours vary with the season.)


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