Purchase of Limited Express tickets

  • All seats are reserved, so seating is guaranteed.
  • Advance purchase of a Limited Express ticket is required.
  • Special in-vehicle facilities are provided, including reclining seats, restrooms, allowing passengers to spend their travel time in greater comfort.

For details, visit Kintetsu Railway's website about Limited Express tickets.

About Kintetsu Express trains

* The Kintetsu Rail Pass does not cover Limited Express tickets. To board a Limited Express train,
a Limited Express ticket is additionally required.

How to purchase Limited Express tickets online

Limited Express tickets can be purchased through the internet using a smartphone or a PC.
Click here to purchase e-ticket for Limited Express.

Reservation for Kintetsu Limited Express

* Payment can be made by credit card only.

Purchasing Limited Express tickets at a ticket office at a Kintetsu station

Limited Express tickets for the Blue Symphony can be purchased at a Limited Express
ticket office marked at major Kintetsu stations,
including Osaka-Namba, Osaka-Abenobashi, Yamato-Yagi, Yoshino and Kyoto Stations.

* Limited Express tickets for the Blue Symphony can also be purchased at the Hanshin Railway Service Center
(Kobe-Sannomiya Station) and Iga Tetsudo Uenoshi Station.