On-Board Services



Enjoy a pleasant ride in premium seats designed with comfort in mind.

All seats are arranged in the three-column (2+1) deluxe car style (except in Car Nos. 3 and 4), and provide 125 cm [49 in.] of space between seats. This is the largest amount among private railroads. With this relaxed design, passengers can stretch out and unwind. Seats are made of leather and are equipped with calf-supporting electric leg rests. Seat backs have air cushions installed, a first among railroads. Seats also offer a lumbar support function for adjusting the firmness of the lower back cushion. Relaxation functions are also provided. Other great features include electrical outlets, reading lights, and more.

Support for a Comfortable Journey

Our on-board sales menu includes many famous products from along the Kintetsu line.

We offer a variety of menu items such as seafood pilaf and Matsuzaka beef curry.
We also sell local beer, wine, Japanese sake, and juices from along the rail line. We also sell sweets that can only be enjoyed in Ise Shima.

Seafood Pilaf
This is a Valencia-style pilaf that uses lots of seafood.

Sinto Beer (Ise), Kawachi Wine (Osaka)
Sinto Beer is a reproduction of a beer that existed in Meiji-period Kawasaki. Kawachi Wine has a mild aroma and is made from Kawachi-grown grapes.

Café Car Sales Corner

Video Service

The LCD displays installed in private rooms and in the café provide a wide range of contents for your enjoyment. Contents include sightseeing information, BS (satellite) broadcasts, kids programming, and forward views via a camera installed on the train.

Commemorative Transport Pass

We provide transport passes to commemorate your journey on the Shimakaze. Press down on the commemorative stamp and include it in your vacation memories.

Guide to the SHIMAKAZE Wi-Fi Service

Two types of free Wi-Fi service are available.



Other Facilities

Freshen Up in the Powder Room

Powder rooms for female passengers are installed in three locations on the train.


Wheelchair-Accessible SeatsMultipurpose Restroom

Smoking RoomLocker Room