A Limited Express for unprecedented relaxation A Limited Express for unprecedented relaxation A Limited Express for unprecedented relaxation

Turn your travel time into maximum relaxation time. A new type of Limited Express is starting, providing unparalleled travel space based on the concept of “upgraded relaxation.”


The name “HINOTORI” comes from superimposing the image of a phoenix (hinotori in Japanese) flying with spread wings onto the image of a refined car whose exterior conveys speed and sophisticated design in lustrous deep metallic red, and that offers comfortable traveling space and high quality services.

Comfortable Relaxation Space Comfortable Relaxation Space

A backshell is introduced into each seat, covering the entire seat even when fully reclined. Other ideas are also incorporated to make the seats more comfortable.

Premium Car

All seats are spacious single seats with three seats per row. Each car has a high deck structure with its floor higher than standard cars and with large glass windows that offer excellent views.


Seats with a backshell enable you to recline your seat without worrying about the passengers behind. Seats have a spacious 130 cm pitch, and each introduces an electric reclining function to offer enhanced relaxation.

Standard Car
  • Glass is used for luggage racks and partition doors, providing a sense of openness for comfortable travel.


    Standard seats also have backshells. The seat pitch of 116 cm is the widest among our other standard seats.

  • Cafe Spot Vending machines offering freshly ground coffee and sweets are available on the observation deck in both the front and last cars.

  • Bench Space The observation deck space offers another kind of relaxation besides what you feel in your own seat.

  • Lockers Lockers are available for large luggage and other items.

  • Smoking Room All cars are non-smoking. A smoking room is provided only in Car No. 3.

  • Liquid Crystal Display Liquid crystal displays are introduced in all cars, providing destination, station, and train status information in different languages.

  • Multipurpose Restroom Changing boards for changing clothes, diaper changing beds, and facilities for ostomates are available.

  • Free Wi-Fi Free internet connection service using a wireless LAN is available.

  • Other Features Air cleaners equipped in all cars
    Large windows that block ultraviolet/infrared rays
    For safety, surveillance cameras installed in passenger cars, observation decks, and large luggage compartments

Service Schedule Service Schedule

Service Schedule
Service Schedule Service Schedule

Railway Network Railway Network

Railway Network
Railway Network Railway Network

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