Access to Osaka-Namba Sta. from Kansai International Airport

Access to Osaka-Namba Sta. from Kansai International Airport
  • By Limited Express Rapi:t train, it takes approx. 38 minutes from Kansai-Airport Station to Namba Station.
  • To board a Limited Express Rapi:t train, you need a Limited Express ticket in addition to a regular ticket.

① From the airport arrival lobby to KANSAI AIRPORT Sta. on the NANKAI Line

From the Arrival Lobby (1st Floor), proceed to "KANSAI AIRPORT Sta." which is located on the 2nd Floor.

Kansai Tourist Information Center Kansai International Airport


Call our telephone center.

Ask for help or advice here.

Take the escalator up to the 2nd floor.

From the Arrival Lobby (1st Floor), proceed to "KANSAI AIRPORT Sta." which is located on the 2nd Floor.


Kansai Tourist Information Center Kansai International Airport
(Kansai International Airport Passenger Terminal Building, 1st Floor)

TEL:+81-72-456-6160 (in Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean)
Business hours: 9:30 - 17:30 (Japan time)

Get on a train bound for NANKAI Line "NAMBA Sta."


NANKAI Ticket Gates

Make sure to enter the Nankai
ticket gates since they are adjacent
to JR West Line's ticket gates.

NANKAI Ticket Office

Purchase a ticket for a Nankai train.

② Take the NANKAI Line to "NAMBA Sta." and then proceed to the Kintetsu Railway "Osaka-Namba Sta."

Exit the NANKAI Line "NAMBA Sta." through the north ticket gates on the 3rd Floor and take the elevator to the 1st basement level.


North Ticket Gates

Use the left end ticket gate (west side) for easy access to the escalator.

West escalator

Go toward the left after going through the ticket gate. Take the long escalator located at the left end.

To the underground passageway

The left-end escalator on the 3rd floor goes directly down to the 1st floor. After reaching the 1st floor, go straight and take another escalator down to the 1st basement floor.

From the 1st basement level proceed to Kintetsu Railway "Osaka-Namba Sta." using the underground passageway


1st basement floor

Go straight by following the signs.

Underground passageway

Go straight. Please be aware that the passageway is often crowded.

Underground passageway

Take the escalator down to Kintetsu Railway "Osaka-Namba Sta."

Enter the station premises through the Kintetsu ticket gates.


Limited Express Ticket Office

KINTETSU RAIL PASS vouchers purchased overseas can be exchanged here.
Purchase a Limited Express ticket here if you are taking a Limited Express train.

Ticket gates


Osaka-Namba Station has a Station Concierge.
Please do not hesitate to ask the Station Concierge for help if required.
Services provided by the Station Concierge: Showing how to buy tickets, providing information on sightseeing spots along the KINTETSU Line, etc.
Service hours: Vary according to the station, and whether a weekday or weekend/national holiday.

  • Kintetsu-Nara, Kyoto and Kintetsu-Nagoya Stations also have Station Concierges.
  • Please note that stations with a Station Concierge are subject to change depending on the season and other factors.

In addition to the above, you can travel to the nearest Kintetsu Railway station.

For Osaka-Uehommachi Sta.

  • Proceed to the Limousine Bus Stop and get on the bus bound for "KINTETSU-UEHOMMACHI (Shinsaibashi/OBP)" from Bus Stop No. 7.

For Osaka-Abenobashi Sta.

  • Take a Limousine Bus for Abeno Harukas at Bus Stop No. 7. Or from KANSAI-AIRPORT Station, take a JR WEST "Airport Express HARUKA" or "Airport Rapid Service" to Tennoji Station.
  • You can board a train from Osaka-Abenobashi Station using the KINTETSU RAIL PASS 2day (Osaka-Nara-Kyoto).