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1.Regarding the information found on this website
The information published on this website is subject to changes/additions/terminations without prior notice.
2. Regarding copyrights
You may not use any information found on this website for anything other than "private and personal use," as defined in copyright law, without prior consent from the copyright holder(s).
3. Disclaimer
  • This company makes no explicit or implied guarantee as to the information found on this website being complete, accurate, or fit for any particular purpose.
  • This company shall not be liable for any damage or loss sustained by users resulting from use or inability to use the content on this website.
  • This company may suspend or terminate the operation of this website without prior notice.
4. Regarding links
  • Links to "KINTETSU Tourist Guide website" are free; however, as a rule, please state this site's top page (http://www.kintetsu.co.jp/foreign/english/)as the destination link.
  • Please refrain from displaying links that open our company website pages into frames within another website, thus making it unclear that the contents originate from us.
  • Any inappropriate links to "KINTETSU Tourist Guide website" may result in our company requesting to remove said link.

    We categorically refuse links from websites that carry the following content:
    •Content that offends public order and/or morals
    •Content that infringes on privacy, etc.
    •Content that is disadvantageous or damaging to this website
    •Content that is against any laws, ordinances, or regulations.
    •Adult-oriented content
    •Any other content deemed inappropriate by this website

  • This company shall not be liable for any damage/harm caused by linking to websites.
  • For link banners, please choose from among the three options below. This company strongly refuses the use of re-edited (modified, changed, amended) banners and the use of banners other than in linked websites.
5. Recommended specifications
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