Unlimited Ride Tickets

  • This pass is convenient for travel in Osaka, Nara and Kyoto.
  • Unlimited rides on Kintetsu lines within designated zones.
  • Unlimited rides on the Nara Kotsu bus lines within designated zones.
  • Special benefits offered by approx. 40 facilities.


  • Adult


  • Child


  • Adult: age 12 and over, Child: age 6 through 11
  • Children under 6 travel free
Availability all year
Validity Valid for the date of use only

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  • Temporary visitors entering Japan for sightseeing purposes are eligible for purchase.

Conditions of purchase and use

Designated zones for the pass

Designated zones on Kintetsu lines: Osaka-Namba and Kintetsu-Nara, Kyoto and Tsutsui, Nagata and Ikoma, and Toriimae and Ikomasanjo
Designated zones on Nara Kotsu bus lines: Areas between Nara Park, Nishinokyo, and Horyuji Temple

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Sightseeing Spot

How to Ride on the Kintetsu Line

Please pass through the automatic ticket gate. When passing through a staff-attended gate (for example, when boarding at a station without automatic ticket gates), please show the ticket to a station attendant.

  • If the start date is not stamped/written on your ticket, the station attendant will stamp or write the start date on your ticket.
  • When asked to show your ticket during the trip, please show your ticket.

How to pass through the gate

Railway Network Map

To board a Limited Express train, both a Kintetsu Rail Pass and a Limited Express ticket are required.

Reservation for Limited Express

How to Ride the Bus

Show the ticket (printed with day of use) to the crew or station attendant.

How to ride the Bus

There are two types of buses: one where you board from the front of the bus, and the other where you board from the back.

Front-boarding bus

For a front-boarding bus, show the ticket (printed with day of use) to the crew or station attendant when you board the bus.

Back-boarding bus

For a back-boarding bus, pick up a boarding ticket when you board the bus, and show the ticket (printed with day of use) to the crew or station attendant when you get off the bus.

How to get off the bus

Push the nearby stop button right before the bus stop where you wish to get off. The stop buttons are located near the seats and poles.

Bus destination display

The bus destination is displayed at the front, back, and sides of the bus. Please check the bus number and its destination before boarding.

Special benefits offered by facilities, etc. in the Kintetsu area

Special benefits offered by facilities, etc. in Osaka, Nara and Kyoto areas

How to use

KINTETSU RAIL PASS holders can receive special benefits at facilities, etc. by presenting the pass. For details of facilities offering special benefits, see the information on "List of facilities offering special benefits." Benefits are valid within the period of validity of the pass and good for one use per facility only.

  • Benefits are not valid in combination with other service coupons, etc.

List of facilities offering special benefits

User guide

The guidebook is available in PDF format.

To view the PDF files, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you have not installed it, click the icon below to download it first.

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