Conditions of Purchase and Use
Unlimited Ride Tickets

Conditions of purchase

Temporary visitors entering Japan for sightseeing purposes are eligible for purchase.

People allowed to stay in Japan for sightseeing purposes, etc., with "temporary visitor" status as stipulated by Japanese immigration law. Upon entering Japan, you will obtain a "temporary visitor" stamp in your passport if you are coming to Japan for sightseeing. Even if you visit Japan with an exchange voucher for KINTETSU RAIL PASS 1day, 2day, KINTETSU RAIL PASS and KINTETSU RAIL PASS plus, you will not be able to exchange it for the PASS without this stamp. If you have entered Japan with "trainee," "entertainer," or "reentry permit" status, you will not be eligible to purchase KINTETSU RAIL PASS.

  • For KINTETSU RAIL PASS 1day, 2day, KINTETSU RAIL PASS and KINTETSU RAIL PASS plus, your passport will be checked at the time of purchase or exchange.

Conditions of use

  • A refund for a pass purchased at a Kintetsu station ticket office will only be provided within its period of validity at the location where the pass was purchased, as long as the entire pass is unused. A handling fee will be charged per pass.
  • A refund for passes purchased online, through a travel agent, or at places other than Kintetsu stations cannot be provided at a Kintetsu station ticket office. A refund cannot be provided after a voucher is exchanged for passes at a Kintetsu station ticket office. Please contact the place of purchase.
  • No refunds will be provided as a result of train delays, closing of facilities offering benefits, etc. due to an act of providence, accident or other circumstances.
  • Lost or stolen vouchers or passes will not be reissued.
  • The pass may only be used by the holder, and cannot be transferred to anyone else.
  • To go outside the valid zones, please purchase a basic fare ticket additionally.
  • To board a Limited Express train, please purchase a Limited Express ticket additionally.
  • When using the pass, please be sure to carry your passport with you so that you can show it, if necessary.
  • These and other conditions of use shall be in accordance with the terms and conditions of the relevant transportation system and the laws of Japan
  • All other matters depend on the conditions of use of special train tickets.