Size and Number of Coin Lockers Located in Major Stations

  • Information as of November 1, 2020

Size and cost of coin lockers

The cost depends on the size of coin lockers.

Types Extra Large Large Medium Small
Height 1,020~1,135
Width 246~360
Depth 575~645

Height 640~868
Width 330~360
Depth 425~645

Height 405~567
Width 246~360
Depth 425~645

Height 260~326
Width 335~360
Depth 425~645
Charge 500 to 800 yen 500 to 700 yen 300 to 700 yen 300 to 600 yen

Number of coin lockers located in major stations

  • For any stations not listed below, please visit the website of each station to check if there are any coin lockers.
  • Depending on the usage, some coin lockers may not be available.
  • You need ¥100 coins to use a coin locker, but a coin changer may not be installed in some stations.