Foreign Passenger Support Services

Kintetsu helps make your trip more comfortable.

  • 1. Communication card

    To smoothly provide information and answer questions about Kintetsu trains to foreign passengers, each Kintetsu station has communication cards written in English, (simplified and traditional) Chinese, Korean, and Thai.

    Click here to open the PDF file.

    Communication card
  • 2. Station Concierge service

    Each of the following stations has a Station Concierge near the ticket gates who can speak foreign languages (mainly Chinese).
    Please do not hesitate to ask the Station Concierge if you need help.

    ■Stations with a Station Concierge:
    Osaka-Namba, Kintetsu-Nara, Kyoto and Kintetsu-Nagoya Stations
    ■Services provided by the Station Concierge: Showing how to buy tickets, providing information on sightseeing spots along the KINTETSU Line, etc.
    ■Service hours: Vary according to the station, and whether a weekday or weekend/national holiday.
    * Please note that stations with a Station Concierge are subject to change depending on the season and other factors.

    Station Concierge service
  • 3. Station Numbering service

    Distinctive codes are assigned to all Kintetsu stations to make destinations more easily recognizable. Stations are clearly indicated by codes, each of which consists of a letter and a number and the line's color.

    Codes are shown on platform station signs, guide signs for stations where trains stop, and other guide signs.

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    Ticket Gate
  • 4. Translation service using a tablet, etc.

    Voice recognition translation service is available at stations using a WiFi-connected tablet and a translation app.

    ■Stations with a translation service :
    Osaka-Namba, Kintetsu-Nippombashi, Osaka-Uehommachi, Kintetsu-Nara,
    Kyoto, Osaka-Abenobashi, Kintetsu-Nagoya, Toba and Kashikojima Stations

    Furthermore, at stations where an NTT public telephone is located, information is provided using an operator-assisted telephone interpretation service. Available languages are English, Chinese, Korean, and Thai.

    Translation service