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Feel the changes of the seasons


Why not wander out of the city and explore places along the Kintetsu lines in spring? Many spots famous for captivatingly beautiful cherry blossoms await you. The video also covers temples and delicious dishes that form an integral part of your sightseeing trips.


This video features temples ablaze with brilliant green leaves, beautiful rivers and seas, and other spots offered by Nara and Mie Prefectures as appealing destinations in summer. Ama (Japanese traditional female divers) diving into the sea to gather marine products also appear in the video.


Under the perfect climate for going out, why not visit spots brilliantly covered with autumn leaves, shrines, and temples along the Kintetsu lines and enjoy scenery that only this season can offer?


There are a number of spots along the Kintetsu lines for savoring winter. It's recommended to extend your tour from Kintetsu-Nagoya Station to include Yunoyama-Onsen hot springs and Mount Gozaisho in Mie Prefecture. Snowscapes, hot springs, and strawberry picking are among the attractions available there.

Travel on our trains that add color to your journey

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  • Sightseeing Limited Express
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  • Sightseeing Limited Express

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Comfortable travel between Nagoya and Osaka

Nagoya was chosen as one of the world's greatest places of 2023 by the U.S. magazine TIME, while Osaka is a vibrant city where you can enjoy everything from food, to history, to shopping.

You can travel between the two cities by Kintetsu train.
Enjoy traveling by train, such as on the Limited Express HINOTORI.

Travel from Osaka/Kyoto to Nara Park by Kintetsu train

There are many tourist attractions in the Nara Park area. You can see deer up close, as well as the Great Buddha at Todaiji Temple. Nara Park is about a 5-minute walk from Kintetsu-Nara Station.

Kintetsu trains directly and conveniently connect Osaka (Namba)/Kyoto to Kintetsu-Nara Station.

Requests regarding the deer in Nara
  • ・The deer in Nara are wild animals and may attack humans. Please take special care if you are with small children.
  • ・To avoid illnesses or accidents, please do not feed them anything other than shika senbei deer crackers.
  • ・Please do not litter. If deer eat litter, they may fall sick.
  • ・Please do not bully the deer—don't hit or chase them.

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