In the Train Car

Onboard facilities

Regular trains

Priority seats

Please offer these seats when needed by other passengers.

  • Priority seats1
  • Priority seats2

Women-only cars

One car of each train from Kintetsu-Nara Station to Osaka-Namba Station on the Nara Line is designated as a women-only car during the following period.

Women-only cars

【Trains with a women-only car】 Weekdays/from first train to the train arriving at Osaka-Namba Station at 9:30 or before
【Train type and car】 10th car of rapid express trains
The following male passengers may ride in a "Women-only" car:
- Children at elementary school ages and below
- Physically challenged persons and those accompanying them

  • Smoking


    Smoking is prohibited on trains.

  • Using mobile phones

    Using mobile phones

    Please show your consideration for other passengers.

Limited Express trains

Reserved seats

When boarding a Limited Express train, confirm the car number and seat number shown on your limited express ticket before taking your seat.

Reserved seats

Facilities on Limited Express trains

Limited Express trains are equipped with lavatories, washrooms, special seating for passengers in wheelchairs etc.

  • <Lavatory>

  • <Washroom>

  • <Wheelchair-accessible seat>

    Wheelchair-accessible seat
  • <Baggage space>

    Baggage space

Using mobile phones

Please use the vestibule to talk on your mobile phone.

Using mobile phones

Manners on the train

For the safety and convenience of all passengers, including yourself, follow the directions given below while on board the train.
please show your consideration for other passenger.

Using headphones (earphones)

  • Using headphones (earphones)
  • Be careful of the volume level.
    Please show your consideration for other passengers.

Handling baggage

  • Handling baggage
  • Do not block the aisle with suitcases or large bags.

Eating and drinking on board

  • Eating and drinking on board
  • Try to avoid food and drink with too strong smells. Also, do not occupy an extra space beyond your seat for a long time to eat and drink.

Sitting down on the floor

  • Sitting down on the floor
  • Do not sit in places other than your seat. (This may prevent other passengers from walking in the aisle, not only when the car is crowded but also when it is not.)